The “Right” Way to Smile: Mastering the Art of Showcasing Those Pearly Whites

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Think of every time you stand in front of the camera, and the photographer tells you to say “cheese”. A lot of people would probably say counting the times this has happened is impossible. It’s been a long-drawn tradition for every photo-op.

But what if somebody tells you that’s not the “right” way to smile? Not to be philosophical, but what is the “right” way? For most of us, we show our pearly whites and then call it a day.

In the age of social media, especially Instagram, tips, and tricks on how to perfect pictures have become valuable. Whether it’s a selfie or a photoshoot, the smile can be a make-it-or-break-it factor for a picture.

Perfect Teeth

Dental disorders affect a person’s confidence to the point that they psychosocially affect adolescents. Problems, especially in the aesthetic aspects, may hinder adolescents from socializing, performing work, and accomplishing daily activities.

Additionally, the notion that braces can boost self-esteem has been overturned. A study found that people who did not need braces have higher psychosocial scores than those who needed braces.

Between these two points, a person can find the middle ground: clear teeth aligners. These aligners will keep the teeth from being crooked without being noticeable.

This means that, in pictures, you can give a full smile without being conscious about braces or other orthodontics appliances. Now, you can practice the various ways to smile — or not! — without apprehensions.

Smiling Techniques

You’ll never see or hear these in pictures, but they make the most difference. They may also come as a surprise, as they are little things and deviations from what most people are used to.

dentist working on a patient

1. Press The Tongue to the Roof of the Mouth

A typical smile would usually have the touch resting at the bottom of the mouth. It may also be a little pushed back as the smile gets bigger.

Try pressing it to the roof of your mouth and smile. You could feel like your smile is now restrained and your face is tighter. This prevents having a smile that looks like a Cheshire Cat’s.

2. Replace “Cheese” with “Money”

Speaking of Cheshire-Cat smiles, you can avoid doing so by saying “money” instead of “cheese.” “Cheese” creates a grin that showcases almost every single one of your teeth. It could work for a dental check-up, but it doesn’t look so natural in pictures.

“Money,” on the other hand, is more subtle. Consider saying both words and notice how the mouth stretches for “cheese” and relaxes for “money.” This difference also translates to the camera.

Pick a Smile

People would sometimes say that a smile is a weapon. It’s contagious and can give anyone, and yourself, an instant mood booster. In pictures, they give a certain glow and makes the picture effortlessly better.

There are various smiles that you can use. There are occasions, however, that you would need to match the smile with the mood.

1. Full smile – This showcases your pearly whites, lifts your chin, and makes your eyes smile without effort.

2. Subtle smile – If you want a softer smile, this one’s for you. Press your tongue to the roof of your mouth and lift the corner of your lips. Don’t forget to put emotions into those eyes!

3. The Smize – Those emotions would come in well to the smize. Smize is basically smiling with your eyes. There are a lot of ways to master this, like thinking that you’re looking at your favorite food, squinting your eyes, or opening your eyes on cue.

Knowing what looks good on camera may take a while to figure out. Like models, it takes years of practice. Don’t fret, though! You can learn a lot of techniques that suit you the most, and they could exclusively work for you.


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