Get Fancy Outdoors With Glamping: Getting Started

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Camping allows people to enjoy the great outdoors. But quite a few people dislike leaving all the comforts of home. While this may seem to go against the spirit of going out into the wild, modern technology allows people to have it a lot easier. These conveniences are why people call it “glamping” which is a combination of the words “glamour” and “camping.” Here is what you can do to upgrade your camping experience.

Sleep Easily With These Upgrades

The first upgrade that you should consider is where you will be sleeping. The usual choice for camping is a cramped tent and a snug sleeping bag. Some campers even go a step further and have a sleeping bag. The problem is that it can get pretty cold, no matter what the season. But glamping won’t let you suffer through that. You can get a yurt or a fancy bell tent rental. These big tents are hardly cramped, and they will allow you to stand inside them fully. That is great even for a small family. Besides the tent, you can also get a more protective sleeping bag. Throw in a space heater so that the tent will be even more comfortable.

Improve Camp Hygiene

One problem that makes camping a tough sell for many city dwellers is that they don’t like that there’s no plumbing in the wild. People like to feel clean, but they also want it to be simple. The outdoors doesn’t provide people with a comfortable place to do their business. Fortunately, you can set up a proper place for that with a portable toilet. This eliminates the need for using public toilets that you can’t trust. You can also set up a separate showering and washing area thanks to shower tents, where you can have water for cleaning ready. It will require you to bring the water to the tents so that it can be a struggle.

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Eat Fancy No Matter Where You Are

The usual way to cook during a camping trip is to cook over a campfire. While that can be functional, you can potentially face a lot of problems trying to make a meal with only a simple fire. If you are glamping, you want to make it easy. You can bring a full camping kitchen stove. This is usually fueled with gas, which provides you with consistent heat. Get one with multiple burners so that you can cook multiple meals. Instead of simple dishes, you should be able to cook some fancy meals. For that to happen, you’ll need to bring in some supplies. This is where having a large cooler full of supplies and even some wine and drinks. Additionally, you can serve it all on a portable dinner table.

Make Things Comfortable

One good reason to go out into the wild and glamp is to relax. While you can relax by just looking up into the night sky or sit around the campfire, you can bring along a few things to make it more relaxing. For one, you can bring along some comfortable seating. Loungers are much better than just crouching on a log. They can also allow you to sit back and read a novel or two. You can also bring along a hammock so that you can sleep a lazy afternoon away.

Glamping is not exactly for everyone. Some people feel that if you’re not roughing it, you’re not getting the full experience. But enjoying the outdoors doesn’t mean that you have to deprive yourself. A few luxuries don’t take away from the full majesty of the wild. It can encourage your loved ones who are not excited about the outdoors to give it a try.

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