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Can you smile be saved by dental implants?

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Oops! Was that you knocking out your tooth in hockey practice or chipping the enamel on your teeth against a coffee cup? It happens to the best of us sometimes and although we would like to think that we would carry on regardless… let’s be honest….most people would be desperate to get their smile back!

If you have been unfortunate enough to have mislaid a tooth due to an accident or even had some tooth decay, your dentist will probably suggest some dental treatment, specifically, dental implants.  Just the thought of treatment like this can cause anxiety in any patient, but there really is no need to fret, as modern implants provide a solution that looks natural and feels very comfortable.

How does this procedure work?

The bygone years of dentures that move around in your mouth have long gone and today’s innovative dental technology allows artificial teeth to be securely placed, safely and easily.

But just how does this procedure work? A very strong post, usually made for titanium, is surgically placed into the jaw bone and then the replacement tooth is fitted on to this structure. Over time, good growth of bone over the implant surface will make the new tooth nice and stable.

It will be very likely that you will have to have a couple of visits to your dental clinic before the actual procedure of your replacement teeth takes place, as the parts needed will take some time to prepare.

But what if more than one tooth is missing?

missing teeth

An implant treatment can be suitable for those patients who need more than one tooth replacing also. This can be achieved through attaching more than one replacement tooth to a single implant, providing normal functioning teeth and a much happier smile!

Looking after your new teeth

Through ensuring that your oral hygiene is top notch, there is no reason why your new pearly whites cannot last for a very, very long time. To this end, simply ensure that you brush as you normally should do, twice a day and also make use of interdental cleaners or dental floss, to prevent the build-up of bacteria and plaque.

And smile!!!.

No one wants to have to worry about hiding their mouth every time they speak or smile.  In today’s image-obsessed society we all want to look our best and having missing teeth is probably not in anybody’s glamour life plan!

There is certainly no need to suffer in silence, with today’s dental innovations and technology there is always an answer for any dental problems.

With a willingness to commit to a good oral hygiene regime and also to attend regular maintenance checks at the dentist, there is no reason why your new smile cannot last as long as your natural teeth.

So, grab your confidence back with both hands and make the most of all the options available to you regarding replacing your teeth …. You wont regret it!

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