Re-introducing Arts and Crafts into Your Adult Life

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Almost everyone has a history with ink stamps. It’s one of those mundane things you rarely think about, but when you do, you tend to realize how much it has been a part of your life.

Every experience you had with ink stamps left a mark— literally and figuratively. It reminds you of your childhood years when a job well done in school was marked by a stamp on the wrist, the same mark you showed to your parents the moment you arrived home. It reminds you of the ink stamps you collected as a kid along with the stationery papers and glitter pens, each scent you remember, still. And of course, the functional ink stamp which carried out the confirmation that you got into your dream university. The same ink stamp which verified your academic completion, making you suitable for graduation. This narrative can go on, comprising every milestone in your life.

Stamping has turned a traditional medium into a timely activity through innovation. Nowadays, ink pads exist beyond their functional purpose. It is being used for personalizing arts and crafts. With different types of ink that comes in various colors, an ink pad like StazOn gives a sense of character to your hand-made creation.

It’s exciting to think about how the activities you did as a child are coming back as a therapeutic activity for adults. Many are rekindling their love for coloring books, scrapbooks, and personalized cards. According to _, arts and crafts are making a comeback as a form of self-care.

Here is a list of reasons why arts and crafts are good for you:

1. It gives you an opportunity to try something new.

Even if you do not have a creative bone in your body, doing arts and crafts is a way of exploring your creativity. Who knows? It might awaken the artist in you.

Try choosing an easy project as your stepping stone into this activity. That way, you will not be discouraged to try further. Keep in mind that this is not a graded activity, and your performance will not affect your salary. Be patient with yourself. Explore which activity you feel the most comfortable in and where you think you can excel. It might lead you to a new hobby… or even a new career.

2. It serves as a respite from your daily hustle.

adults painting

Think of arts and crafts as an escape to the corporate life you’re living. Creating something is always satisfying. Whether you plan on doing it on your own by watching videos online or enrolling in an arts and crafts class, it will keep your mind off from the stress of daily life. Creating can lead you to the state of relaxation you’ve always dreamed of having.

3. It improves your mental health.

It is a known fact that arts and crafts are used as a therapeutic activity for people who have mental illnesses. As an adult, your mind and body are more vulnerable to stress. Adding an activity that helps you express yourself can keep you attuned to your Self and its feelings.

Creating something by hand is a good way of staying rooted to the world despite the technological advancements. It can be your way of going back to how things were back then when love is expressed through creation. So, create!

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