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Why You Need Video Content as Part of Your Marketing and Sales Toolbox

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Most businesses are viewing video content marketing as an integral part of their marketing strategy. Video marketing continues to progress, and experts expect it to reach new heights soon. Digital marketers believe that video marketing gives them an attractive return on investment compared to traditional marketing platforms.

You might still be doubtful about video marketing, but it is worthwhile to add it to your marketing toolbox. You need the necessary resources, manpower and support such as video production fixers to create high-quality videos to incorporate video marketing into your promotion strategy. Video content marketing is a valuable and versatile marketing tool that any business might need to consider at some point. Here is why every business should add video content marketing to its promotional toolbox.

A Higher Return on Investment

Most digital businesses claim that video content marketing gets a higher return on investment. Of course, video production is not an easy task, but the gains are worth the effort and resources. It has also become a preferable marketing option with the continued advances in editing tools. Online marketers can even use their smartphone to create adverts.

Build Trust

The foundation for business sales and conversion is customer trust. Marketers base the concept of content marketing on creating a long-term relationship with their customers and building their confidence. Instead of pitching a product or service, provide potential customers with useful and exciting information to draw them to your network. Video marketing not only promotes a brand but ignites and engages customers as well.

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Encourage Social Sharing

Social media marketers have turned to videos as a means of engaging their customers. Social networks, including Twitter and Facebook, have introduced new features that encourage video marketing. However, digital marketers should realize that people in the social media context share emotions instead of facts. Marketers can create entertaining clips to encourage social media users to share information about their brand.

Appeal to Mobile Users

Smartphones and videos go together. Recent studies have shown that most millennials enjoy watching videos. The number of smartphone users has, in the recent past, grown drastically, resulting in a 100% rise in mobile video consumption every year. Users of smartphones are 1.4 times more than laptop and desktop users and twice as many as TV viewers.

Businesses can now use video marketing as an income-generating avenue. For example, adding an ad on a landing page can boost your conversion rate. Video marketing can also lead to more sales. Recent research has shown that potential customers who watched a product explainer-video subsequently ended up buying it. The brain can grasp visual information quickly than oral or written content. If visual images can boost customer engagement, imagine what video marketing can do to your brand.

Videos allow a digital marketer to increase the time their web visitors spend on their web pages. Longer exposure signals to top search results that a website has useful content and helps build trust. Your site is more likely to show up on top Google searches if you embed it with valuable and informative content.

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