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Why Netflix’s Fear Street Trilogy Worked So Well

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Who said that horror and thriller trilogies are things of the past? With the YA movie adaptations era’s end came the period of superhero universes, TV series, and Disney’s live-action retelling of classic tales. From the worldwide success of Marvel’s Iron Man and HBO’s Game of Thrones, there seems to be no place for a slasher thriller movie comeback anymore.

Additionally, with the boom of streaming services, viewers tend to binge on classic shows such as Friends and How I Met Your Mother, and no one can blame them. The past year has been challenging for everyone, and a dose of good vibes and happiness from lighthearted shows is what everyone needs.

However, whoever said that slasher thrillers are already out of the picture? Last July 2021, Netflix did something that no streaming platform has ever done before — release a movie trilogy in three weeks. Better yet, it’s a horror and thriller movie that can almost be at par with the classic slasher teen movies of the past. So, if you are already itching to visit a haunting or horror attraction and experience an adrenaline-filled action, but you are unable to, Fear Street Trilogy can fill the void in the meantime.

Fear Street is about the teenagers of Shadyside (a supposed cursed town) whose lives changed after being chased by a killer who seemed to have snapped.

What Are You Missing Out on the Fear Street Trilogy?

A refreshing nostalgia

If you liked Netflix’s Stranger Things for its 1980s theme, you would not be disappointed with the Fear Street trilogy. In fact, the movie will bring you back to the 90s, 70s, and even further.

When summer camps are almost a mandatory tradition, where elephant jeans are the trend, and dial-up internet connections are the thing. The movies are set in three different eras but follow a linear storyline. That means there is no time traveling, alternate universes, and bringing back hammers from the past to the future.

The first movie is set in 1996, the second in 1978, and the third, a bit far back. Each film was also named after the following years.

A good plot that keeps messing with you

A good plot is the most critical element of films and movies, especially horror and thriller ones. It is not just about the jump scares, the looming murderer, and blurred figures in the background. Fear Street surprisingly achieved to keep the viewers guessing for all three movies. You wouldn’t know what will happen next, and it’s better if you do not know what the story is generally about. All you need to know is the logline we have provided above.

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Surprises in store for you

Moreover, the movies being a trilogy worked so well. After watching, you will realize that all details you need are all laid out right from the start. There were crumbs and even clear hints that sailed over many heads. Not only after the revelation in the last movie did everything made sense.

That is also why it was a wise choice to split the movie into three. The first movie sets everything and drives the plot forward, while the next one sheds light on the past and why things are the way they are now. The third movie is where everything falls into place and gives the viewers the conclusion of the story.

You can guess, what happens next, and you can probably guess right. However, the plot twist is so good it could make Wes Craven proud.

Countless homage to classic horror films

Speaking of Wes Craven, Fear Street’s plot is not the only thing that will make him smiling down from heaven. In the first movie, for eight minutes straight, Fear Street beautifully laid out a homage scene to Scream (1996) that will make the beloved director proud.

If you are a fan of classic slasher movies, you won’t miss these first eight minutes for sure. Even the choreography where Drew Barrymore’s character died in Scream was a perfect parallel. Also, other concepts were Fear Street’s nods to Halloween and Friday the 13th.

Great cinematography

The last item in this list is for cinephiles. Fear Street has some of the best frame shots in recent film history. While Mike Flanagan’s The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor is still the benchmark, Fear Street almost came close. You can feel the fear through the careful lighting of the shots and the color grading that highlights the setting. Moreover, the trilogy’s cinematography will be more shown in the last movie, where the story gets darker and more tragic. You have been warned.

All movies are released, and that makes you lucky. You do not have to wait for a week to know what happens next. So, what are you waiting for? Go visit Fear Street and see for yourself.

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