Making a Mark: How to Leave a Legacy Through Music

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Music is a universal language. Everyone in the world listens to music. Some have preferred genres, some can listen and enjoy anything. In the past few years, there have been types of music that are regional. There are also types of music that capture a worldwide following.

In the early years, people become popular just by words shared about them. Another one is by print media. In the late 1800s, also known as the “Wild West”, a person’s popularity was also printed on newspapers or journals. When they die, their fame and legacy is often scripted on their markers or headstones.

But nowadays, music is one of the best ways to gain so much popularity. With the emergence of social media and music streaming platforms. Together with its global reach. Any artist who can make a trend can be an instant global icon. One social media account subscription, then one view of the video, and a press of the Like button. Then multiplied by millions worldwide is all it takes to make it into stardom.

Thanks to the global phenom known as the internet. Even genres like Country Music can be heard in the deepest corners of South East Asia. In the 90s, no one imagined that Korean music would be heard in Asia. But now, they have taken over and Kpop is now a worldwide phenomenon. This article will share how it’s done.

Here’s how to make a mark and leave a legacy through music:

Maximize Technology

Now using available technology anyone can record songs and make music. You can start by watching online videos that teach singing. Start with proper breathing, your low notes, and high notes when singing can be enhanced. Inside the studio, there is also software tools that can enhance your singing voice.

This is the technology known as Pitch Recognition Software. This helps you train your ears in singing the right key. There is also the Vocal Effects Processor. This is a digital device that you and your recording engineer can use. It can enhance your voice during recording, mixing, and mastering. It will add singing effects such as reverb, voice doubling, and echo.listening to music

You can also collaborate with other musicians. Choose the best artists and make music together. Then record and upload your music on social media platforms. Have your friends share your music. Who knows, your music could be the next hit worldwide.

Invest in Quality Software and Hardware

Music and beat makers can also learn new technologies about mixing and mastering. With a good computer with large memory, they can simply practice at home. You need to invest and spend money on some reliable recording software. You also need to invest in music mixing and mastering software. These tools are available online.

With your passion for music, it will also be good to invest in some hardware. These are musical instruments and beat-making machines. They should be capable of wireless connection or Bluetooth technology. This will cut the mess caused by wiring in your home studio. Having fewer wires is also safe and will avoid sparks that may cause fires.

You can also venture into the business side of music. Tap on music coaches with years of experience who can be your mentor. Being a music arranger, a mixer and a recording engineer can bring satisfaction. Just invest, be open to learn and practice. When the opportunity comes, you will be ready. And it will be the start of your professional career.

Follow Your Passion

Singing and performing are also art. So it should come from your heart and your passion. Skills should follow after hours and many days of consistent practice. Great artists would tell you to “eat, sleep and drink singing”. Make singing and consistent practice a part of your lifestyle.

There are online materials that teach you how to enhance your singing voice. There are also available videos about note reading and stage presence. You can also learn confidence and eye contact with your audience. As a new songwriter, anything should inspire you to write lyrics. From your personal experiences or experiences of others.

Always be ready with a pen and paper. Or simply prepare a note app on your phone where you can write random lyrics. Reading books should also be your hobby. This will widen your vocabulary and that will also be an added skill for your songwriting.

In the modern age, anything is possible. It starts with passion, a dream, and a vision. Together with time and money. Add passion and willingness to learn then you can start your musical journey. Soon you will leave a mark in the music industry. And one day you will be immortalized because of the songs you have produced.

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