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Modern Alternatives to the Wedding Sand Unity Ceremony

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Planning your wedding ceremony will be the happiest moment of your life. Unfortunately, it is also a very stressing task. There is so much to factor into your ceremony, and you need to ensure that everything meets your expectations and that of your future spouse. It is easy to get overwhelmed and forget a few elements. While some might go unnoticed, others will affect the overall mood and look of your wedding.

To minimize your risk of forgetting any crucial elements in your ceremony, work with a well-stocked wedding supplier in the Philippines. Other than ensuring you get all the essentials for your wedding in one place, this tactic will afford you a healthy discount. One of the ceremonies most couples forget is the unity ceremony. The traditional option for this ceremony is the sand pouring ceremony, but your wedding need not be conventional. Here are some modern alternatives for your unity ceremony.

Unity Wish Lantern

What a better way to leave your past lives and start as one with new dreams and hopes than by casting a unity wish lantern into the wind. You can further personalize your lantern by having your loved ones write blessing notes for your marriage on the lantern. Wish lanterns are however a fire hazard and you should check with your local authorities on any legislation affecting them. It is also prudent to opt for an eco-friendly lantern material.

Unity Painting Ceremony

An artistic expression of your devotion and love by painting on a blank canvas can be the best expression of your new-found unity. As you and your spouse paint with the guests watching, the paints will cross, meld and stray across your canvas further signifying the mingling of your lives. The artwork forms a perfect visual reminder for your home of the start of your marriage.

Unity Wine Box Ceremony

In this ceremony, a couple will write love letters then place them in a wine box along with a bottle of wine. The box can be placed in a visible area of your home to serve as a constant reminder of your love and unity. Most couples open the wine box and drink the wine while reading the love letters during different wedding anniversaries. Others open the wine box when going through a rough patch to remind themselves of their love and their reasons for marriage.

Unity Tree Ceremony

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For the eco-conscious couple, planting a tree is the best way to symbolize the start of their life together. The sand will be collected in a pot from a site which has a significant meaning in your love life. The seed will grow in the pot and be transferred to the ground in your desired site later. A unity tree ceremony is one of the most symbolic since your marriage will strengthen as the tree grows.

The unity ceremony is among the vital ones at your wedding. The above options will make a perfect fit for your modern wedding. You should, however, discuss the options with your wedding supplier so that he/she has enough time to source the necessary items if they are not in stock.

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