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Green Energy Starts at Home

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Rising sea levels, changing weather patterns, and global warming — if you believe that things need to change, you can start at your own home. Most of the real changes in the world were brought about by individuals acting on their own and not relying on the government.

Cut Down your Fossil-powered Electricity

If you want to go green, solar energy is a must. Solar panel distributors can easily provide and set up a solar energy system for your house. You can find various solar energy systems in the U.S. With a little research, you can find brands that provide enough electricity to power your house. During your search, you should prioritize efficiency and wattage. Of all alternative energy sources, solar energy is proven to be the most reliable and most efficient system for home use. Solar energy can cut-off your reliance on the power grid, a system that produces massive amounts of carbon. Fossil fuels account for 80 percent of energy production in the U.S. Whether it’s from coal, oil, or natural gas, using fossil fuels to generate electricity produces massive amounts of carbon dioxide. Solar energy systems aren’t cheap, some setups costing from $12,000 to $40,000, but these setups pay for themselves in ten years. With a good setup, you won’t be paying electricity bills in those ten years. In fact, your power company might be paying you. After ten years, you get free electricity, and those solar panels have 25-year warranties.

Get Matching Cars

Electric cars don’t really make sense if you still charge with electricity from the usual grid. With a solar energy system powering your home, you can charge your vehicle using clean energy. Electric cars have gone a long way with regards to efficiency, speed, power, and mileage. Some electric car models can outperform the regular gas-guzzlers in every aspect except mileage. Electric cars have superior acceleration, provide maximum torque from a standstill, and provide smoother rides. You won’t be adding to the city’s smoke problem or air pollution, or any pollution at that. Long-distance travel won’t be a problem, with all the charging stations being built in the U.S. and Canada, but you will be using grid-powered electricity if you do charge your car away from your home.

Wind generator and solar panelGet the Word Out

If you want to experience change, don’t expect it from the government, especially after Trump’s presidency. The President’s deregulations of environmental regulations have led to massive economic growth. No other politician would dare enact environmental regulations similar to Obama’s in the face of such success. Revolutions often started with the masses regardless — or in spite — of the government. Talk to your friends and colleagues. If they can see how well you’re doing with your solar-powered house, it might be enough for them to consider following your lead.

Numerous countries have gone 100% fossil-free, but it’ll take a while to see that in the U.S. If the government won’t enact environmental policies, then it’s up to individuals to start the green revolution.

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