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Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas to Give to Modern Men This 2019

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Valentine’s Day is less than a week away. Do you have a gift ready for your man?

Don’t feel bad if you aren’t ready. Chances are, you haven’t bought one yet because you aren’t the type of person to just go into a department store, grab whatever Valentine’s Day-themed product they’re selling, and then consider your task completed. You’re the type of who loves to put some thought and effort into a gift, which is why you ignore the novelty items on sale and buy something your partner will genuinely like.

And let’s admit it, we men are also the same when it comes to buying Valentine’s Day gifts, regardless of our partner’s gender. This 2019, since we’re trying to get rid of toxic masculinity and encouraging more men to be more in touch with their emotions, don’t be afraid of thinking out of the box when it comes to giving your man a Valentine’s Day gift.

We Don’t Want Useless Trinkets (And, Admit It, Neither Do You)

Let’s get this one straight: we appreciate your homemade treats, a scrapbook of everything we’ve done together in the past year, or literally anything thoughtful that cost zero dollars.

If your man loves you, he’ll appreciate any gift knowing that you put some thought into it. Sure, a scrapbook of that time we went on a trip together won’t serve any utilitarian purpose in our lives, but each time we open that book, we remember how much effort you put into it and will guard it with our lives.

You know what we don’t want? The exact same things we skip over when looking for gift ideas online – because we know you don’t want them either. Those throw pillows with a printed generic quote about love. The canvas with another generic love quote that we know won’t look good in your or our place. A coaster with a heart and a smiley face on it.

We skip these gifts because they seem tacky and thoughtless. We’re not getting you these gifts because we know you’re so worth much more than a piece of factory-made product created to capitalize off the holiday. And while our sex isn’t exactly known for our emotion and love for holidays like Valentine’s Day, we appreciate it if you feel the same way when getting us gifts in return.

Again, that’s not to say we don’t appreciate the little things you give us. We don’t want a throw pillow with a love quote printed on the front, but we will love you if you went the extra mile to actually embroider a pillow yourself. You don’t have to spend a lot – just the fact that you put a lot of thought into the gift is enough to make us happy this Valentine’s Day.

Skin Care & Grooming Products

We’re not just talking about buying us shaving cream and a pack of Gillette razors from the drugstore. For years, grooming and skin care were traditionally seen as women’s thing, but some of us would genuinely appreciate skincare and grooming products to help us achieve cleaner, healthier skin.

Believe it or not, aside from the fact that most men have generally thicker and hairier skin than women, our skin faces the same problem: dry skin, oily skin, and sensitive skin. And like women who don’t just buy whatever skincare product they see on the market, some of us feel the same way and appreciate you taking the time to carefully think of which product is best for our condition.

So, if you’ve noticed that we’ve had dry or oily-looking skin for a while, we’d appreciate these gifts:

Beyond our skin, we’d also appreciate grooming products that help us stay clean and looking presentable. We love you and think you’re lovely the way you are, but we want to look good standing next to you.

A Tool Box & Tools

One of the more traditional gifts given to men, but we appreciate tools nonetheless, especially when some of our tools are wearing thin. The hard part, though, is convincing your guy to get rid of the broken tool, especially when he’s had that tool through thick and thin.

  • Keter Pro Tool Box (Just my two cents, but an empty toolbox can be a boring gift. Maybe fill it with some chocolate?)
  • True Value Gift Card – Though I’m the person who appreciates a gift more than getting money, if your partner would want to buy their own tools, giving a gift card can be a smart decision.
  • Custom Engraved Hammer – A quirky gift, but if your relationship stands the test of time, you’ll see the engraving and remember how you two had grown together in the last few years.
  • Personalized Pocked Knife – Handy and memorable. Your partner will think it comes from the heart if they’re the type to need it for multi-purpose uses.

A Robe

We appreciate clothing gifts, but if you’re not sure what our size is or we’re too small or too big to find the right size for us in most stores, a robe is the next best thing you can get us. It’s comfy, easy to wear, and we will enjoy wearing it around the house during a lazy day. Feel free to take it one step further by getting a His & Hers robe set.

While robes do have sizes, you won’t have to worry about finding a robe to fit our exact measurements. And I’m pretty you’ve been with long enough with your partner to know if they’re a small or an extra-large. Here are some examples I could find on Amazon:

Romantic Coupons

Don’t think that Valentine’s Day is limited to the product you buy. Sometimes, it’s about the experience you want them to remember. These are some romantic coupons specifically made for men as the gift receiver, but if you’re willing to go the extra mile, you can make an entire book of romantic coupons yourself.

Something Related to Our Hobby

We appreciate gifts that are related to our hobby. It shows us that our partner approves of our hobby, even if they don’t like doing it themselves, and encourage us to continue and enjoy ourselves. It’s endearing and shows that they care about keeping us happy. It also means you’ve noticed the little things that we like.

Your man’s hobby might not be on this list, but this is just some examples on the most common hobbies they might want.

  • A Funko Pop – Is your man a member of a certain fandom? Then, they’ll love receiving a Funko Pop of their favorite character. A great gift if they’re collecting Funko Pop or fandom merchandise. They’ll think of you every time they look at it.
  • VonHaus Wood Carving Set – Does your man like working with his hands? If they’re showing a fascination for woodworking, he might want a starter set.
  • BlueSkyCreations Customized Guitar Pick – Is your partner a musician? Let your customized message on the pick inspire him to work on his music.
  • My Personal Memories Custom Engraved Cookbook Stand – It’s mainly made for cookbooks, but if your partner loves to read for fun, reads plenty of books for work or his education, or actually reads cookbooks and wants some support with his cook book, a customized book stand is a great option.

Something I Can Share with You

I don’t mind sharing a gift with my partner, especially if they’re the one who gave the gift to me. If you’re the type of partner who thinks trinkets such as skincare and carving sets should be reserved for birthdays, Christmas, and other events, you’re probably looking for a gift that says “Valentine’s Day,” but not “my local mall is trying to capitalize on Valentine’s Day with this novelty gift.” These gifts may be more your style.

  • Godiva Valentine’s Day Chocolate Box – Probably one of the most traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, chocolate lovers regardless of all genders will appreciate a simple chocolate box. There are much more affordable chocolate boxes in supermarkets, but this one is a pretty option consisting of milk, dark, and white chocolate with a combination of various fillings and toppings. If you’re not into dairy products, here’s a vegan option from Miami Beach Chocolates.

Also, pro-tip: if you and your partner can’t celebrate on the 14th and are celebrating at a later date, or if you just want a box of chocolates for yourself, unsold Valentine’s Day chocolates are sold at a discount price.

  • Wine glasses paired with your favorite wine. Sometimes you and your partner’s idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day isn’t like everyone’s idea of dressing up and going to a fancy restaurant with exorbitant prices for just one appetizer. Maybe it’s just a homemade dinner, Netflix, and then… well, the chill part of Netflix and Chill.

Having your favorite wine or alcoholic beverage can make the night better, so take your favorite drink and make them taste better by serving them in these crystal wine glasses from Bella Vino. These are ideally for wines, though, so if you and your partner like beer better, a simple cup or drinking straight out of the bottle or can will do.

Something Our Kids Will Enjoy, Too

If you and your partner have kids, most likely, they’ll be involved with your partner in getting you your Valentine’s Gift. It’s also likely they’ll want to do the same with you. These are some things you might want to get to bring your kids into the fold.

  • Breakfast in bed – I remember always doing this with my mom or dad on Valentine’s Day, depending on whoever wore up earlier, until we all grew older. If you want to make your breakfast special, why not buy these egg rings shaped like hearts from Norpro? If you’re a vegan family, you can use these to make perfect heart-shaped vegan pancakes instead.
  • BFF Necklaces – It’s not the purpose that the manufacturers were hoping for, but BFF necklaces with two or more parts are perfect for couples with up to two children. U7’s BFF necklace comes in 2, 3, and 4 cuts; you and your partner get one necklace each, leaving one or two other necklaces for your children.

These are just some ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts to give to your male partner. Whether you decide to buy some of the suggestions or these gift ideas have given you inspiration to buy or create your own gift, the point of a Valentine’s Day gift is not to show how much money you spent, but how much you know your partner and how you carefully thought about the gift you give them.

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