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Investments in Hobbies: Best Collections to Earn Money From

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Many Americans are keeping some collection in their homes. These collections are primarily part of their hobby. However, some collections can actually net you a couple of thousand dollars in the future. In this article, we will explore the best collections you can start so that you can earn some money by selling them in the future.

Baseball Cards

One of America’s favorite pastimes is baseball. It’s a simple sport that anybody can play, and about 15 million Americans are playing the sport right now. However, baseball is more than just a sport. For millions of Americans, baseball is a sport that can be collected.

Baseball cards were invented more than a hundred years ago. Yes, it’s been that long since people have seen and started collecting baseball cards, and there are even cards that are being traded from that bygone time. It was invented as a marketing stunt to get people rooting for their players and their teams. But nowadays, the collection of baseball cards are part of a lifestyle.

Some people have escalated the collection of baseball cards from more than just a hobby. Nowadays, it’s an actual profession to trade and collect baseball cards because some cards can cost millions of dollars! This mere collection has fully pulled people in, especially during the pandemic. Nowadays, people trade and bid for cards online, and the market boomed last year, making this year an optimal time for you to start your collection.

Celebrity Memorabilia

Like baseball cards, celebrity memorabilia were invented as a marketing stunt to promote celebrities and increase their fame. However, nowadays, people are willing to pay millions of dollars for single memorabilia, making it one of the best collections you can start this year.

There are various ways you can start your collection. For example, some people meet up at particular conferences in the US, such as Comic-con, to buy or sell their memorabilia. However, you can now buy authentic autographed memorabilia online. Some of these come with an authentic certification, while some with a hologram verification. Both of these are essential if you’re planning to sell your collection in the future.

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Next up on the list is a classic collection that can create a healthy net profit in the future: toys. If you have a kid in your home or if you’re just a kid at heart, you can invest in the collection of toys. But because of so many toys out there, you might not know where to start. Well, in this case, you should start looking for a niche that you might like (e.g., Disney, Marvel, DC), or you look for special and limited editions of particular toys.

The best part about this collection is that people are always willing to buy toys, regardless of time. Places like eBay always have some bidding when it comes to toys. Remember that for this collection to happen. You’re going to have to choose your niche and do your research. Sure, it sounds like a lot of work, but it’s certainly worth it.


Miniatures are quite on the same level as toys, but you can actually create a career out of it, unlike toys. There are many miniatures out there in the market, with some miniatures having more value than others. For example, Warhammer 40,000 miniatures cost a lot more because you get to buy them in squads, and the quality of each miniature is very detailed. Furthermore, you can paint them, which increases their value even more.

These miniatures also change every year as new editions come out, making older miniatures more expensive for collectors. Dungeons and Dragons miniatures also cost more when painted, and older miniatures are known to be expensive. These are just a few examples of miniatures you can collect as an investment today.

Vintage Electronic Products

Last in this article are vintage electronic products. These products are pretty easy to collect, and if you’re the kind of person who enjoys garage sales or maybe some dumpster diving, you can gain a few thousand dollars on this kind of collection.

One of the most sought out products right now is televisions from the 1900s to the 1950s era. These antique TV sets can easily cost between $40,000 to $100,000 to most collectors, making them a great choice. The first Apple products are also being sold at close to a million dollars. So if you have some of those still working in your home, consider selling them today.

Collecting items will always be a leap of faith, but it’s one you should take at some point in your life. It’s a great hobby to have, and you might never know. Whatever you’re collecting right now might cost thousands of dollars in the future.

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