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Why Is a Lake House the Ultimate Vacation Home?

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What is your ideal vacation house? If the dream is to wake up every day to the sound of water gently lapping, then you should think about investing in a lake house. A lakefront home is one of the smartest real estate investments you can make. Not to mention, if you are only going to use it for vacations, it will pay its own mortgage by you renting the house out. So, yes, a lakefront property is a dream vacation home. Aside from the fact that it is a solid investment and that the value appreciates over time, it is also great for your mental and even physical health.

The Positive Effect of Water on Mental Health

Do you know that the mere sight and sound of water can trigger neurochemicals that promote not only wellness but also increases the blood flow to the brain? Plus, the sound and sight of water induce relaxation and calmness. Test yourself. Try to think of the calmest image. What comes to mind? Isn’t it an image of a beach, lake, or river?

The fact is that while people understand the positive effects of water consumption on their physical health, its impact on mental health lacks evidence. But being around water and hearing the waves of the ocean or the gentle lapping of water in a lake? That’s the kind of sights and sounds that calm the mind and relaxes the body. It has such a positive effect on mental health that professionals advise people suffering from anxiety and depression to spend time with nature.

Availability of Water Sports

The best thing about vacationing or living near a body of water is the accessibility of water sports and other water-based activities. Those who are into fishing will love the idea of vacationing in a lake house or even buying one in the near future. All you need is a Daiwa electric reel, and you can spend many restful hours in your boat while waiting for a fish to fall into the trap.

The most common fish that can be found in lakes are bass, perch, trout, northern pike, sturgeon, and whitefish. If you’re lucky, you might even find a salmon if it’s that time of the year. But aside from fishing, which is considered a water sport by some, lake house owners and guests can also enjoy canyoning, kayaking, kneeboarding, and wakeboarding. If you have a jet ski, you can even try seeing which of you and your guests can reach a point in the lake the fastest.

Both an Investment and a Getaway

Don’t look at a lake house as merely a vacation home. It is that kind of dream home because it is also a getaway home. It’s the nicest second home anyone can have. Most people think that a lake house is a huge undertaking, and yes, that is true. But also, think about the scarcity of the properties available and the high demand for them. If you are thinking about investing in real estate, a lake house generally is a nice property to have.

For example, in the United States, you can rent out your second home up to 180 days a year when you are not using it. The only condition is that you use your home for 14 days or more. When you do, this second home will qualify for the home mortgage interest deduction. The qualification will help pay off the mortgage you took for the lake house.

And then, aside from being a sound investment, the lake house is also a getaway of some sort. It’s a dream vacation house and a nice place where to gather friends and family for reunions. And in the middle of a pandemic such as this, the lake house is an amazing place to quarantine and isolate from the general population.

An Instant Event Place

Here’s another great thing about having a lake house or why it’s the perfect second home—you can turn it into a private event place. Whether you rent it out to the public or use it as a private place is up to you, but can you already imagine the kinds of parties you can host there? And because it is already a lakefront property, you don’t have to spend too much on upgrading its overall appeal. The lake itself is all the scenery you need.

If you are considering a second home, you don’t have to think too far. A lake house is one of the best investments you can make for yourself, your family, and your portfolio. You will thank yourself, later on, when you’re old and gray, sitting before that lake while a fire pit crackles beside you.

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