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Be Stylish with These 8 Fashion Styles

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The world of fashion has come a long way. It has given women, in particular, the freedom to share their sense of style, whether it’s ladylike or gothic. All it takes is just one look at how you dress up and you can already give people an impression of who you are as a person.

If you’re going on a night out, then put on your best attire and gemstone jewelry and party the night away in Salt Lake City. Here are some of the best fashion styles out there:

  • Ladylike fashion is still something that inspires women. They use it as their go-to style when dressing up, and for a good reason. Think of a full skirt and a small waist dress. Lovely, isn’t it? The appeal of ladylike fashion is everlasting because of its polished look. Vintage jewelry can be used to glam up as well as heels and clothes that compliments a woman’s curves.
  • Wearing animal prints is an on-going trend. One way to wear this right is by putting a piece of animal print clothing or accessories with other plain pieces. This way, the animal print stands out. Some go all the way and incorporate as many animal prints in their get-up, which is something you can also do but it still takes a good mix and match.
  • Another trend that doesn’t go out of style is wearing menswear-inspired attire. This type of clothing, when paired with feminine and flirty pieces, is fun and playful. In fact, you can pair some of them with high heels and colorful jewelry.
  • Minimalism is using only one piece of cloth or accent that will pop. The rest of what will be worn is plain fashion items. It also uses simple shapes. It’s as popular as ever and is a fashion style that many people still have in their wardrobe.
  • A fun and flirty way to dress up is to use florals. It stands out even more with its pretty and girly design. You can play with it by mixing and matching floral pieces, from clothes to bags and jewelry.
  • Next is the military fashion style. Like menswear-inspired, it has a tough appearance. The clothes used for this fashion imitates the ones used in the military. The clothes are functional and even though. The difference you can make is to wear specific pieces with adornments.
  • Rocker-style fashion is among the most distinguished ones. The use of leather pants, black boots, and spiky heels is apparent in this style. There’s also vintage T-shirts with patches, motorcycles or bomber jackets, and dark colors in clothing. The use of dark makeup and accessories is also evident in this style.

Fashion little boy wearing a leather jacket

  • The last fashion style is the Lolita, which will remind you of the Victorian era, but in a cuter sense. Lolita fashion is not limited to young girls, as even older women can incorporate this style in their wardrobe. Pieces used in this style include petticoats, cute headwears, knee-high socks with prints, cute collars, puff sleeves, gloves, and cuffs.

Fashion is amazing. Anyone can be fashionable as long as they’re wearing the right clothes and accessories, like jewelry, that look good on them. These fashion styles are here to stay and they’re not going away anytime soon.

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