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Principles of an Eclectic Décor Style

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Everyone is always looking for the latest interior design trend when putting together a commercial or residential space. One of the décor styles that are extremely popular and allows you to incorporate different designs is an eclectic one. This is basically a fusion of new and old décor styles that will enable you to have a diverse and yet elegant look. This does not mean that the eclectic style is a random one.

Various rules will guide your choice of the pieces in a furniture store in Salt Lake City. These are meant to ensure that your pieces will work together to generate cohesion and your room will thus not look jumbled. Here are the primary principles of an eclectic décor style.


This is typically considered the primary element of an eclectic space. You should ensure that no single aspect of the designs and styles you choose for your area will be too dominant. After identifying the styles you want in your space, have an order then use a formula for the selection of the furniture pieces that will guarantee the look. If, for instance, you want a blend of the traditional, neo-classic and mid-century modern (MCM) styles, consider picking an MCM sofa, a neo-classic cocktail table, and a classic side chair.


Your eclectic space should make people not only feel comfortable but also intrigued. The presence of texture in the room is the critical element that will generate an inviting and warm environment. This will be achieved by the right blend of furniture and art pieces. Get art and furniture pieces that have some dimension and depth. Two sleek and refined end tables with glossy sheens can, for example, be paired with a cart for the cocktail table to get the best contrast of texture.


The relationship between the pieces in your space should have the right scale to exude the best look. Placing disproportionate items together, such as baby-sized lamps and giant clocks, will quickly disrupt an area’s flow. You can focus on common elements among different pieces and put them together to make your room look comfortable and harmonious.


An eclectic space is meant to celebrate inspiration and style rather than exude a high level of seriousness. Use bold colors and unexpected fabrics for your furniture, paired with old photos and whimsical art pieces to emit the right look. These will exude a “relax and enjoy” vibe that matches the pieces in your room.

Wow Pieces

living room in an eclectic interior design

An eclectic design needs one piece that will be the center of the space. A wow piece will set the tone of your space, and the other pieces should elevate or support this piece. You can opt for a velvet chesterfield sofa in jade green in the middle of your room as your wow piece.

While eclectic spaces seem easy to put together, do not forget the above principles. This way, you will fashion a curated space with the right amount of personality, inspiration, and character. While you might take time to put together an eclectically styled room, you can rest assured it will never go out of style.

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