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Know the Different Types of Loose Diamonds

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Every diamond type has a unique story to it, and every woman deserves the best diamond. Over the years, loose diamonds have become increasingly popular among diamond enthusiast and jewelry lovers.

Diamonds are among the most versatile gemstones used in the jewelry world, as they easily complement all types of looks, clothes, and occasions. The inception of loose diamonds has significantly influenced the industry, which has led to the development of different types of loose diamonds. That said, this article highlights various types of loose diamonds available in several jewelry stores in Washington.

Round Diamonds

Diamond Stud Earrings with ReflectionA majority of loose diamonds sold are round, making it the most popular type of all loose diamonds. Due to the shape of the diamond, and the amount of work required to create it, this diamond type is superior and thus more expensive compared to other shapes. Another reason loose round diamonds are expensive is because they have an extremely high demand and a relatively low yield.

Marquise Diamonds

If you want necklace pedants or cocktail rings, then the marquise loose diamond is the best option for you. Also referred to as football shape cut, marquise diamonds have a beautiful elongated shape, with sharp pointed ends. This design makes it a popular option for most bling lovers who love extravagant jewelry designs. The diamond is glittery and shiny, so if you love perfection and elegance in your jewelry, marquise is the way to go.

Radiant Diamonds

close up picture of diamond ringThis type owes its popularity to its outstanding durability and brilliance. Additionally, this diamond has beveled corners, which reduce their susceptibility to chips, and breaks making them last longer. This makes it a perfect jewelry piece for anyone with an active lifestyle. The exceptional brilliance of this diamond cut originates from its large table and the many facets of radiance on it. It is available in various widths and lengths, and your personal preference determines the measurements you take. Lastly, you may choose from a rectangular or a square cut radiant diamond shape.

Emerald Cut Diamond

Do you have an upcoming engagement and are looking for a unique loose diamond for your engagement ring? The emerald loose diamond is a perfect option. Moreover, it has an appealing vintage-like appearance, making it a suitable option for anyone who is looking to have a rustic wedding theme. Emerald diamond appears to be much larger on your jewelry piece than it actually is. For instance, a one-carat diamond gets more surface area with this cut compared to the other loose cuts. This makes it more affordable since you can choose a small diamond but still have a big ring size. This way, you save some cash without compromising on the quality and size of the ring.

The best part of purchasing loose diamonds is the fact that you can have custom-made jewelry from them. Moreover, you only have to buy the number of loose diamonds that you require as opposed to buying a whole set. Speak to your jewelry seller matters length and width of the loose diamond that you choose, as they significantly contribute to the longevity, and quality of the jewelry piece.

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