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Four Soothing Art Activities to Suit You

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Stress is a constant in this world. One cannot avoid it. It appears in many different things and situations. It is unpredictable. But stress can be a good thing. It is an indicator that you need to take action. It is a survival instinct. Too much of it, however, is not good. It can take a toll on your health, which manifests in different conditions. If you are feeling stressed, you need to take a break. You need to give yourself breathing space. You must practice self-care. So if you are feeling stressed at work, it will not hurt if you take some time off.

Now you may be wondering what you should do on your vacation days. This time, why not attempt to be creative? Take part in artistic endeavors. Who knows, art may be your next passion, a field that you may want to explore eventually. Don’t know where to start? Here are some of the artistic ideas that you may consider.

Art Activity #1: Painting and Sketching

Among the most basic artistic activities you can engage in would be sketching. You may be averse to pencil and shading, but now is the time to try. So pick up that pencil and create a still-life image of some of the things you see around your home. If you want to go for colorful pieces, by all means, do it! You can pick your kid’s crayons and color your artworks. But if you want a more exciting means to put color onto your artwork, you can always get yourself some aqua pens.

Art Activity #2: Paper Mache

If you are planning to be more hands-on with your artwork literally, tactile activities will certainly suit you. Go back to being kid again with your paper mache. This may be messy, but it is easy. First, you must make the paste, which can be equal parts of glue and water; you can even create using starch and water. This is sculpture making so that you will need a mold. In this case, start with simple forms. Create mache balls with balloons as your mold.

Art Activity #3: Origami

Plane origamis in different colorsYou may have an impression that origami is quite easy, but then again, you might be just making planes and storks. But if you want some challenge, you can always make complicated figures using paper. You may even decide to come up with your patterns. But if you want another complicated and challenging paper art, kirigami might just be your game.

Art Activity #4: Clay Molding

Clay doh may be reminiscent of your carefree days when you were young. You might be even enamored by its scent. But now that you are an adult, you may decide to create sculpture with real clay. But if you want to take it easy first, you may create pots first. You can find workshops and facilities that can accommodate you.

Art is not just an object of beauty. It is also a means to get rid of stress and enjoy your life your way.

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