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An Age of Rediscovery: Four Things that Give Life Meaning

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Nowadays, the world can often feel like it’s moving in fast-forward. Everything around you can speed up, but you’re still in slow-motion. This is how it feels like when life passes you by as you go through your daily routines — like a robot in a lackluster dreamscape.

This feeling is not uncommon, especially when you have nothing in your life to motivate you to look on the brighter side of things. It can be difficult to move forward and remove yourself from this rut, but you won’t know unless you try.

To give you a push in the right direction, here are four things that can make life more meaningful. In your search to find more purpose, you should consider looking for these things that you may have already had before.


The relationship you have with your family can be a tricky thing. It can be one of these three situations: you’re all on good terms, you’re not on good terms with some members, or you’re all on bad terms. Nevertheless, the family is an important factor in finding meaning in life.

The best thing about this is that family isn’t limited to the one you are born into. Your family can be a group of friends that support you or your grandparents and relatives. A family is a group of people that can give you the warmth and comfort you need to survive.

Living your life for yourself and your family is one of life’s greatest purposes. It doesn’t matter if you’re not connected by blood; having a family that you care about and provide emotional support to will give meaning to your life.


Some people are innately nurturing beings. Having a pet that they can take care of can add meaning and value to their lives. Just because people are nurturers doesn’t mean they all want to start a family; some prefer to care for animals rather than human beings.

If you don’t currently have a pet and decide that you want one, you should consider adopting ones from the pound. There are always many animals seeking shelter, and not all pounds can provide them with the necessary care they need.

For instance, owning a dog can give you the warmth and comfort you seek after a long day at work. You might have to conduct dog housebreaking so that your pet can adjust from life at the pound to one in a domestic setting in this situation.

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Honing a passion is an important part of life. It provides you with an avenue to explore something other than the work you do for a living. It can also offer an escape from the hassles that you face daily and a release from the burdens weighing on your shoulder.

Passion is what keeps you going; it’s something that ignites the fire inside your soul and keeps you from being swallowed by mundane routines. You shouldn’t have to exchange your passions for staying alive. You should aim to work so that you can live and not live to work.

Take some time from your daily routines and allot it to hone your passions. It can be as simple as trying to create quick sketches from things that interest you or capturing the beauty of the skies through an oil-based painting. Your passion can even be in the form of writing a song about your experiences.


Pursuing a dream may seem impossible when you’re only going through the motions of life, but it can give you a renewed sense of purpose. Dreams are what you aspire to become, have, or experience. Without dreams to show you a silver lining in this dull world, what will motivate you to continue living?

You need to have a dream. It doesn’t have to be something big like ruling the world or building a multinational company; dreams can be as small as achieving a short-term goal or perfecting a skill you’ve been learning for years.

Having a dream is like a sliver of light in the darkness. It’s the thing you hold onto so that the darkness won’t consume you and all your potential. Create dreams that are out-of-this-world or within your reach; the size of your dream doesn’t matter as long as it gives you comfort.

You might already have all these things in your life, but you failed to acknowledge their presence. When you find yourself in a situation where you feel like life is becoming overwhelming, take a step back and breathe. Reorganize your priorities, remember what gives your life meaning, and then continue.

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