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Why You Should Buy Cowboy Boots for Comfort and Durability

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Anyone can wear cowboy boots daily because they are comfortable to wear. This pair of shoes is designed for everyday use: rain or shine and in the harshest weather conditions. They are also affordable if you look for men’s cowboy boots on sale from well-known shoe brands.

What people normally see are gaudily designed boots worn by celebrities in high-profile functions and events. Although some designer brands come out with expensive boots for this purpose, there are also cheaper, tougher and more durable good quality boots for everyday wear.

Built for the Hard Working Cowboy

Cowboy boots were originally designed as a working man’s footwear. Cowboy boots are meant to be comfortable because traditional cowboys wore only one pair of boots while they do their jobs. When on the trail, they boot up before sunrise and take the boots off after sundown. This is why it was important to break in new boots before using them on the job.

Breaking in new cowboy boots makes them more comfortable. This stretches the leather, especially where it bends or pinches the foot. This results in the leather hugging the foot where it is needed and stretched where the foot flexes. There are several ways to break in boots, which can take a while and may be painful. But, after breaking them in, the cowboy boots would serve the wearer for many years.

You can start by mashing the heels of your new boots to soften them. How? Step on them or crush them with your hands. Next, buy thicker-cushioned socks, better if they come with extra heel padding. This will protect your feet from blisters once you start wearing your new pair of boots more often. But if you want to be on the safer side, go ahead and invest in blister pads as well.

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Safety Features

Cowboy boots were also designed for safety. These boots do not have laces because when riding a horse, the laces might get caught in the stirrup. This can be dangerous when the rider dismounts and can lead to injuries. Instead of laces, the boots are pulled up the foot with the use of bootstraps.

This is also one of the primary reasons cowboy boots must fit the wearer well. And proper fit is all about the instep. The foot will not be able to go in if the boots are too tight or are not wide enough. And if the instep is too tight, for instance, opt for a bigger size of boots instead. In some instances, boots are custom-made to fit the cowboy’s specific measurements.

Also, make sure to wear a pair of boot socks when trying out a new pair of boots. It is also better if you test your boots in the afternoon, when your feet tend to be their largest. Take note that boot socks will not only keep your feet dry by absorbing moisture but also provide you with a comfortable stay-put by reducing slippage.

The modern cowboy boots may look like objects of folk art, but underneath the unique designs and exotic leather, these boots are made to be comfortable for long daily use. They are rugged, durable and are known to last for many years — often until the cowboy retires.

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