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4 Non-verbal Things You Can Do for a Successful Interview

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Interviews are daunting even for the most prepared. You may not have a fear of public speaking, but you might still be surprised by the potential employer you’re going to meet. There’s no single way to go about an interview either. It depends on the way you conduct yourself and how you answer the questions thrown your way.

What if you can improve your confidence and your chances of getting hired before you even speak? Here are some small but significant ways to prepare for a successful interview:

Treat Makeup as Your Best Friend

Just to clarify, this doesn’t mean applying makeup heavily. This means using the best products to enhance your features. You may be going for a simple, natural look, but don’t skip the moisturizer or the brightening concealer — items that give your skin a more healthy glow. Especially if you were stressing over the interview the night before, a concealer is necessary to hide the eyebags from lack of sleep.

Prepare Your Clothes the Night Before

An interview is a chance for you to show potential employers your best self. That starts from how you look when they meet you. Choose clothes that are of comfortable fabrics, and make sure they fit you well. You may have expensive clothes, but if they are too loose or too tight, they will not improve your appearance.

You should also be comfortable in the shoes you choose to wear. Lay the entire outfit down on the bed and ask yourself if you feel confident in your choice. Press clothes that need pressing, or shine shoes that need shining. Include your accessories in the preparation, as well. Doing this gives you a relaxed start the next day because there’s no need to hunt for something to wear at the last minute.

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Manage Your Time

Traffic is not an excuse to be late for an interview. You know how bad traffic congestion can be during rush hour, so prepare to leave early if you have to. Know alternate routes to your destination, in case something comes up on the road. Your prospective employer will remember that you arrived poised and prepared, just as they’ll remember if you arrived late and unkempt. Leave room to have a filling breakfast so you’ll have the energy to deal with the whole ordeal. Some interviews last for hours, while others may be done in minutes. Some might be cut short if the interviewer feels like you can’t wait to go home and sleep.

Do One Good Deed

This doesn’t have anything to do with the interview, and you certainly wouldn’t be able to brag about helping an old lady get a cab. It will, however, improve your mood and get you started on a good note. When you’re having a good day and feeling good about yourself, it shows in your disposition. That smile might not be apparent to you, but people who see you will notice it.

After several interviews, you may think you know how to answer the questions to satisfy your interviewer. But it’s not just the questions that will help you, so go ahead and prepare on all fronts.

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