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What You Need to Know When Building a Glass House

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Have you been thinking about extending your growing season? Building a greenhouse is probably the best idea to do that. It can be an affordable and quick option that allows you to increase the amount of produce you can harvest and grow.

But before you install the structure in your yard, you need to consider several factors to make this task easier. Whether you choose to buy a prefab glass house kit or construct the greenhouse from scratch, think about the following:

1. Attached vs Freestanding

Among the things you must consider is the type of green house you’re going to build. Do you prefer a standalone house or an attached unit? For those who have limited space, the smart choice may be an attached house. You may need to make some adjustments to ensure every part of the structure receives the same amount of sunlight, moisture and nutrients.

If you have space to spare, building a freestanding structure allows you to further personalise your glass house with a range of accessories, from the irrigation system to the lighting. You’ll also be able to place it on any ideal spot in your yard, where it can capture sufficient light allowing your plants to thrive.

2. The Structure’s Orientation

Another important consideration to keep in mind is the position of the greenhouse. You see, this can greatly affect the growth as well as the amount of warmth your plants will receive. Experts recommend that your greenhouse should face the south or southeast wing of your property. This will allow the structure to collect adequate heat. The installation of a heating system will also allow you to maintain the right temperature for optimum growing conditions throughout the year.

3. Size and Proportion

When building a glass house, ensure that the length and width have the right proportion. Contractors recommend that you follow the 76 by 26 foot dimension for optimum use of the structure. As it turns out, smaller green houses aren’t reliable and beneficial when it comes to growing some plants or florals. This is because the heat tends to fill up the space much faster. Green house builders suggest that you follow the 3:1 ratio, which is the standard size or measurement when it comes to building a greenhouse.

4. Building Materials

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Ensure your greenhouse is durable by carefully choosing the materials. You can pick from glass, polycarbonate or poly film. Glass tends to cost more, but it is durable. Additional coatings can also make maintenance easier, like self-cleaning glass that uses sunlight to break down dirt. Polycarbonate is cheaper and lighter, making it easier to install while poly film is the least expensive and a better option for DIY projects.

Finally, consider the style. Do you want a traditional structure, one that looks a bit Victorian to match your English-style garden? Do you prefer a contemporary structure, one that you can also use a kind of leisure space to read a book or have a glass of wine?

Whether you choose to build your greenhouse or hire a crew, keeping these factors in check will allow you to use a structure that serves your needs.

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