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Tips for Styling and Decorating Your Home to Look More Expensive

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Everyone wants their home to look like a million bucks without spending nearly that much. According to a survey, over 80% of homeowners would like to make at least one change to their home’s interior design to make it look more elegant and classic. Luckily, there are a few simple styling tips and trick you can use to make your home look more expensive than it is. Keep reading to learn how you can fake it ‘til you make it!

1. Stick to a Neutrals Palette

One of the easiest ways to make your home look more expensive is by sticking to a neutral color palette. This doesn’t mean your home has to be boring, though. Incorporate different shades and textures of neutrals to give your home depth and interest. These plain colors are easy to work with and can be spiced up with pops of color.

You can also add interest by playing with different finishes. A mix of matte, glossy, and metallic surfaces can add an element of luxury to any space. While keeping the neutral base, try adding in some glam with gold or silver accents. This is an easy way to make your home look more expensive without spending a lot of money.

2. Invest in Quality Furniture Pieces

Cheap furniture is one of the easiest ways to unintentionally cheapen the look of your home. If you can’t afford to buy many new ones, try investing in one or two high-quality designer furniture that can serve as anchor pieces for the rest of the room. For example, a beautiful coffee table or an heirloom-quality piece of art can make your space look more luxurious. You can also look for vintage furniture at thrift stores or estate sales that can add charm and character to your home.

A good rule of thumb is to buy the best quality furniture you can afford and then accessorize around it. This will help your home look more expensive overall. Don’t forget to take care of your furniture, too. Regularly dusting and vacuuming will help it last longer and look nicer.

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3. Maximize Natural Light

Another way to make your home look more expensive is by maximizing natural light. Pull back curtains and shades during the daytime, and consider adding strategically placed mirrors to help reflect light around the room. Not only will this make your space feel brighter and more open, but it will also make it appear larger. Luxurious homes usually have plenty of natural light, so letting in as much sunshine as possible is a great way to fake it.

If not a lot of natural sunlight comes into your home, you can also try using soft white lightbulbs to brighten up the space. They give off a warm, inviting glow that can make any room feel more luxurious. Try to avoid using harsh fluorescent lighting, as this can make a space feel uninviting and sterile.

4. Add Greenery

Greenery is not only aesthetically pleasing but also adds a touch of luxury to any room. Some plant species, like orchids and bamboo, are often associated with wealth and prestige. There are also many low-maintenance options, like succulents and cacti, that can help you fake the look of a green thumb. But you don’t need to spend a lot of money on fancy plants — even a few simple green houseplants can make a big difference.

If you don’t have a green thumb, opt for artificial plants that look realistic enough to fool anyone into thinking they’re real. Many high-end stores and hotels use fake plants because they’re easier to take care of and always look perfect.

5. Stick with Classic Design Principles

When in doubt, stick with tried-and-true design principles that have stood the test of time. For example, pairing symmetrical furniture arrangements with mid-century modern accents can give any room an air of sophistication and refinement. You can also create a luxurious ambiance by mixing different textures and materials, like velvet, leather, and glass.

And don’t be afraid to experiment with color. While neutrals are always a safe bet, adding in jewel tones can also give your home a luxurious feeling. Rich colors like emerald green, sapphire blue, and ruby red can make any space feel more opulent.

By following these simple tips, you can easily fake the look of luxury in your own home – no matter what your budget may be! With a bit of elbow grease and some creative thinking, you can transform your space into something fit for a magazine spread. So get out there and start decorating!

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