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Essential Survival Gear When Going Into the Wild

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If you’re planning to go camping or spend time outdoors, you want to be fully prepared for the experience. It is not just skills that will give you a safe experience. You are going to need the right equipment if you want to survive in the wild. Here is a quick look at some of the equipment pieces you need when you go on a trip to the wild.

Water Filter/Purifier

One of the biggest needs that a person has is safe drinking water. People need to drink every few hours in the wild, especially if they have been working strenuously. However, the problem is that you can’t exactly carry around potable water with you. This is why you will need to purify the water you find in the wild because it is usually full of dirt and bacteria. Fortunately, portable water filters and purifiers are available on the market. In addition, bring along a bottle or two so that you can store your purified water for later.

Fire Starter

The other thing that you need out in the wild is a fire. Fires produce warmth, light, and heat, all things that are useful in the outdoors. Of course, you can start a fire through just friction but wouldn’t it be easier to use a fire starter? Don’t settle for matches since they get wet; use metal fire starters that create sparks when struck. Used properly, fire starters can be useful anytime and anywhere.

Portable Stove

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You’ve got the fire going and have some light and heat. You can use it to cook, too. However, cooking over an open fire can be inefficient. There are several portable stoves that can focus a flame and allow you to cook food or boil water at a much more efficient rate. Most of these stoves are made of metal and fold down to small portable forms that can fit into your backpack. Just pack around a small saucepan and survival canteen and you can have a portable kitchen.

Survival Shelter

Besides food, water, and warmth, you are going to need some shelter. Whether it is a simple survival tent or just a tarp to cover you for the night, having the means to create a form of shelter can go a long way in protecting you from the harshness of the outdoors. As long as it will keep you dry and warm as you sleep, it is a good choice.


A paracord is definitely useful. This is essentially a tough rope that you can use for a variety of projects involving the use of paracords. For example, you can use it to tie up your belongings in a tree so animals won’t get it or to secure your tent. Several lengths of paracord are easy to carry and you will find many uses for them.

The right tools allow you to survive anything when you are away. With the gear above, you should be able to thrive and even prosper in the middle of nature. Combined with your skills, you can enjoy the great outdoors with little to no worries.

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