Best Pets to Keep at Home

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If you are not used to having a pet at home and you are about to get one for whatever reason, it will be a huge lifestyle change for you. Having a pet is amazing, but you will certainly have to make adjustments.

Below are some of the most popular animals used as pets in many homes. Most of them are great for kids and can be great companions even for adults.


These furry animals are probably number one in every pet lover’s list, if not second to cats. Dogs are extremely lovable creatures. Their presence in a person’s life has been scientifically proven to have several benefits, especially to overall health.

According to studies, dogs can help reduce stress and anxiety. Being excellent companions, they also keep people happier. People that are not so stressed with their everyday lives and who are happier are also healthier.

Dogs come in several sizes and breeds. Each has its own characteristics that will best fit your personality and your needs. You can find a reservoir of information about each breed online.

Dogs are among the many pets that can be taken just about anywhere with you. So, if your love for travel is what is keeping you from getting a dog as a companion, there is no need to worry. You can take your dog with you on long road trips, or you can arrange for a dog transportation service if you are planning to go visit some places overseas. This way, you can enjoy being with your dog even during your travels.


These cute furry animals make good companions for many reasons. As pets, they are extremely low maintenance. You do not have to take them to groomers and there may not be a need for you to get them a good bath every now and then. Cats are known to clean themselves, and they are easier to housebreak compared to their canine counterparts. They are also good with kids. Unlike dogs, cats can be left longer in the house as long as you have litter available for them.


rabbit and child

These are great pets for families with kids. Known to be very inquisitive and highly intelligent, rabbits are among the most loved animals among pet-loving people. Like cats and dogs, rabbits are very social animals. They love the attention of people. They can also be taught some tricks. They can learn to jump, hop, fetch, and spin on command. They may even be trained to perform some agility courses.

Guinea Pigs

If you are looking for a pet that is low maintenance, guinea pigs can be one of your best choices. Since they do not need to be taken out for a walk each day, it can be easier to care for even for small children. These pets are also sweet and affectionate. They love to interact with their owners.

Having guinea pigs for pets can help teach your children responsibility and empathy. You can start teaching your kids how to care for animals starting with these kinds of pets. Like other animal companions, they need to be given proper care, vitamins, water, food, and other essentials for them to live a happier pet life.


If you are looking for starter pets for your little one, hamsters are among your best options. They need only minimal attention. As long as you give them their own little space with a wheel to play on, they will be fine. Of course, you also need to feed them on a daily basis. Cleaning their beds on a regular basis is also a must.


If you have very limited space within your home or you do not have enough budget to purchase a dog, a cat, or other more expensive pets, getting a bird or two is a good choice. Birds are excellent companions for people who are mostly alone. They can be good choices as pets for people of all ages. Birds are highly intelligent and are great at socializing with humans. They can be taught tricks, require minimal grooming, and are easy to feed.

Not all animals can be turned into pets. There are also those that are not meant for kids. Therefore, it is highly recommended to always think about your choices carefully before deciding on a particular pet. Bear in mind as well that all pets require to be fed and given attention. They are not toys that can just be bought and then left alone in a corner of the home.

You need to take some time to get them accustomed to you and your home. You also need to give them all the love and care so that they will live to be happy and healthy companions for you through their lifetime.

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