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Why We Spend for Beauty

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You can live in a mansion with only the essentials. You still have an imposing property that everyone can marvel at from the outside. Inside, you have your bed, kitchen appliances, and furniture. If you had to live this way, you’d feel like something is missing even if you have everything you need.

What you’re missing is beauty. And when you don’t have that one crucial thing, you don’t have the following:


Let’s admit it; it can be quite expensive to beautify your home. You can buy wholesale landscaping supplies in Utah, and you can give your contractor your home renovation budget to reduce costs, but you’re still paying some money to get the beautiful look that you want. It’s also time-intensive, mainly if you undertake the beautification project yourself. With all these things considered, it’s easy to equate beauty to success. Not everyone can have the time or money to devote to changes in the house that will not impact its energy efficiency or comfort. Therefore, when you’re able to give your home this makeover, everyone will know you’re doing it deliberately, and you are successful enough to afford it.

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The house is where you go home to unwind and recharge for the next day. Its bare minimum function is to serve as a roof over your head, but that doesn’t require the decorative elements. When you color-coordinate your cushions to your curtains and choose tiles that go with your vanity, you’re not doing it to protect yourself from the elements. Visitors marvel at your choice of decor and the overall theme of your home design, and they know each item has been carefully chosen to fit the aesthetic you’re going for. If you don’t know your purpose in life, you will not be able to design according to what you want. More importantly, you cannot let go of items that do not work with your goals, and your home will end up overcrowded. Instead of a beautiful home, it will look like it belongs to a hoarder.


Just as being surrounded by nature helps you deal with stress, and being surrounded by friends enables you to calm down, waking up to beautiful things also starts your day on a good note. You don’t have to be the richest man on the planet, but if you have a beautiful life, you can be one of the happiest. Here, it’s not just the presence of aesthetic decor that makes you happy. It’s also the fact that you can afford to buy them. You can choose an exquisite bed and dresser drawers instead of the cheapest options, and it’s a way of rewarding yourself for all your hard work. Every day, you see all the testament of how far you’ve come in life, and it makes you feel grateful and valid.

The money you spend on making your home a beautiful place doesn’t go to waste. Every item you choose to buy and put on display reflects your happiness, purpose, and success.

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