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How Much Should You Spend In Utah For Professional Tree Trimming?

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Home owners who need professional tree-trimming in Sandy, Salt Lake City and other parts of Utah should expect to spend $200 on average for this service.

Some people could spend only $75 for a simple project, while others could incur up to $1,000 of expenses especially if they have large trees at home. If you need more than just a simple trimming service, the actual cost could be higher depending on the additional work. Disease-stricken and pest-infested trees are an example, and this requires skilled expertise that your local handyman may not be the right person for the job.

Tree Care Expenses

Trees that reach up to 30 feet will cost between $75 and $450 for a professional trim, while prepare to spend from $150 and $875 for those that stand up to 60 feet. Any higher than that will cost at least $200 for a trim. Taller tress cost more simply because it’s more difficult to reach parts that require trimming. The cost will also be more expensive when the trees are intertwined with power lines or grow near rooftops.

Professionals can’t just cut down branches without securing the immediate vicinity, so you should expect to pay more for the cost of this added labor. Some of the additional work may involve tying a rope to a certain branch or part of the tree.

Why Professional Care Matters

Worker cutting palm tree frondsProfessional service providers are trained to deal with the risks of working around trees such as great heights. For instance, trimming for a large tree requires the use of safety equipment. It’s better to hire a contractor for trimming trees that are bigger than 30 feet for your own safety. Home owners could also save time from doing the work themselves and devote it to other important matters.

Unlike a DIY project, home owners no longer need to think about getting the right equipment when they pay for a professional service. Otherwise, you would have to visit a home improvement store to buy or rent equipment such as trimmers and hand gloves.

DIY Project

Hand-held pruners cost at least $40 when you buy one from a local retailer. You could choose to trim trees on your own if there is no clear safety hazard, or when it only requires minimal effort. However, always wear safety goggles and a helmet to protect yourself against falling branches.

Find out the tree’s dormant period since this is the best time for a trim, except when you want to delay its growth. Fast-growing trees are best trimmed when those are on an active growth cycle. Once you’re done, there should be a ratio of around two-thirds of living crown to the tree’s height. Avoid leaving a large portion of the branch when trimming, or cutting its collar.


When choosing among different contractors in Utah, you should request rates from at least three companies to compare the best rates. Make sure that the professional has the right license, bond and insurance for your own protection.

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