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Unwinding Your Mind: A Complete Holistic Wellness Guide

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Life has gotten way more hectic than it was pre-COVID-19. Earlier, people had their work hours fixed. Personal and professional lives were separate. But now, everything seems to be mixed up. This has led to increased stress. Everyone is in front of computer screens all day; it’s either work or social media.

People need to unwind now more than ever. Detaching oneself from tech is a difficult task as everything revolves around gadgets. Whether booking tickets, ordering food, or catching up with friends, one needs an app for everything. Even if people are relaxing on a beach, the desire to take photos is constant. Then they post those photos, indulge in the comments, which leads to further chaos.

The worst part is, fitness is limited to achieving the summer body and glorifying appearance. It shouldn’t be like that. One must focus on holistic wellness so that one can become his happiest and best self.

What is holistic wellness?

Holistic wellness translates to the wellness of the whole body, mind, and spirit. It rises above the illusion of fitness that focuses on how you look rather than how you feel. Holistic wellness is a combination of emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.

If you notice in rural areas, people don’t have strict workout routines. It’s inbuilt in their lifestyle. Their daily routine comprises tasks that need strength and endurance. This builds up their muscles. They’re happier and healthier without gyms and equipment. You might think you’re fit when you measure your stats. But the real health lies in other things. You can check how healthy you are by answering these questions.

Do you fall asleep quickly at night? Most people struggle with this. A person whose mind is healthy falls asleep minutes after laying on their soft mattress. Are you able to focus on your work, or do you give in to the distractions every 15 minutes? If you choose the latter, you may need some unwinding as everyday thoughts dominate your mind.

How can you pursue holistic wellness?

Holistic wellness is not a destination or a goal. It’s a constant state of being that’s integrated into life. You pursue this by observing yourself closely. Take a step back and think about your virtues and beliefs. Make no assumptions as things are not always what they seem to be. Below are some steps that you can follow to become holistically well.

  • Get to know yourself better

As an adult, you may think that you know everything about yourself. But more than often, people put up a persona that they think will benefit them. This can happen during childhood or early teenage when someone close to you makes you feel bad about something you love. Thus, you ditch your individuality because you think you’re not good enough.

This leads to impostor syndrome. It’s widespread as most people shy away from being themselves. Social media adds to the pressure of being perfect or ideal. You can overcome this by diving deep into your mind and figuring out what makes you happy.

  • Analyze your relationships and bonds with people

Another common cause of distress among adults is dissatisfaction with relationships. This disrupts the emotional well-being of people. When someone faces betrayal in young love, it can leave quite the impact. Children who have difficult relationships with their parents can face stress in romantic relationships.

If you find it difficult to trust your significant other or share your emotions with them, you can try some relationship exercises. The key here is not doing them like a job. You need love, even if it’s love for yourself, and for that, you need to build trust. Relationship exercises are a great way to encourage that.

  • Study your finances and set goals

This is the number one cause of mental stress among young adults and even older people. Money makes the world go round, but it doesn’t have to do the same with your mind. The reason you’re always worried about money is your insatiable desire for it.

Do you really need that lavish bag or an expensive car? Luxurious brands promote campaigns to form a perception of people who own their products. They portray them as successful and happy, which is not the case. You must remind yourself not to overwork for money.

  • Be a better listener

Everyone wants to cry out loud sometimes. You might also need someone to listen to your struggles. But are you there when someone is struggling? It can be your friend, your spouse, or your parents. These are people who you expect to support you.

It will automatically happen when you start listening to others. This includes everything, from complaints, advice, or suggestions. It doesn’t matter if you don’t follow it. You know what’s good for you. But listening to them makes them feel like you care and appreciate their concern. When you do that, they will come forward when you need them.

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