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Health Care Concerns Every Business Owner Should Prioritize

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If you’re starting a business or are an existing business owner, safety should be on the top of your mind regarding operations, employees, and clients. One single incident can result in costly lawsuits, fines, and irreversible damage to your reputation. Although conditioning your business against perils such as fire, floods, and other incidents are widely practiced and known. Not many emphasize the health care concerns of running a business, from pests and poisoning to dangerous termites.

To help you mitigate these hazards that could potentially cost your business thousands of dollars, months of lost productivity, or damaged reputation, here are the most common health concerns and how you can fight against it.

Pest Problems

The most common businesses that face pest problems include restaurants and movie theaters.

If you own a movie theater, chances are you’re faced with pest issues daily. That’s because cinema floors usually end up covered up in popcorn or sugar drinks, attracting unwanted creatures such as mice, mosquitoes, cockroaches, and other bugs. If your theaters don’t get thoroughly cleaned regularly, these pests can keep coming back. That’s why to ensure these pests are gone for good, have rodent and insect control professionals clean your theaters at least once a month to keep your business clean and pest-free.

Besides, people go to the movies to unwind and enjoy exclusive entertainment, so don’t ruin their experience and your business by having these pests running around the premises. Additionally, leaving them in the establishment puts employees and movie-goers at risk from getting germs that these pests spread.

For restaurants, the most common pest infestation they have are rats, and pest control methods are essential for ensuring optimal food hygiene and manufacturing practice.

Food-Related Concerns

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Workers in the food industry are 60% more likely to suffer from occupational hazards than those in other sectors, meaning business owners need to compensate more for employees. The most common issue they face is food hazards, including poisoning and toxicity. However, these issues don’t place your kitchen crew in danger, but it also extends to your customers and — your entire business.

Food poisoning is more common than you think, and diners are more likely to get it from food prepared at restaurants. That’s why, as a business owner, you need to consider the different causes of food poisoning, which can cause several bacterial infections and illnesses, including E. Coli, listeria, salmonella, and norovirus.

You can prevent this by having your workers wash their hands every time they handle raw foods or ready-to-eat food, and have them thoroughly wash all fruit and vegetables. Additional measures you can take are avoiding keeping high-risk foods like meat in the Temperature Danger Zone and keeping chilled foods at 41°F and hot foods at 140°F.

Termite Issues

Termite issues can happen to most businesses with wooden structures, causing a lot of expensive damage. Besides the standard structural damage, they also pose a health hazard as they sting and bite, causing some severe allergic reactions to some individuals and triggering asthma attacks. You can prevent all these by keeping your building free from leaks, moisture, and rotting wood.

As a business owner, you work hard to build your business, brand, and reputation, but you also have to ensure your establishment is safe for employees and clients. However, besides having appropriate insurance coverage, smoke detectors, and updated first-aid kits, ensure you have the proper measures against the health concerns mentioned — ensuring overall safety.

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