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Gifting 101: 3 Creative Ways to Wrap Wine Bottles

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On special occasions such as birthdays, house-warming parties, wine is undeniable the ideal gift to with them. One of the reasons is that there’s no burden on the recipient to drink it immediately since most wines taste even better as they age.

What’s more is there’s an abundant variety of wines out there so you are sure to find a drink that would go perfectly with everyone. The real challenge is, finding a way to present it especially when you’re giving it as a gift on special occasions.

Although ribbons and paper bags may work after several occasions, you’ll start looking for other ways to make it different alongside with other gifts. Luckily, there are plenty of gift wrapping ideas you could use to make this possible.

Whether you plan on sending wine through delivery services as a gift or not, knowing a few wrapping techniques would certainly make it more special. So below are some ideas you may want to try.

Canvas Wine Bags

Nothing is fancier than wrapping your present in a personalised canvas bag. For this, you may either choose to decorate the bag yourself or have it printed. All you need is a basic sewing skill to put the bag together including the handle, and you’re set to decorate it based on your liking.

If you can’t sew, worry not because you can always use fabric glue to form them together. You may use the standard measurement, which is 28.5″ long and 7″ wide when cutting out a wine bag from the fabric.

The Power of Paper

Waiter pouring red wine to a glassAnother great way to wrap your wine gifts is by using paper. It can be brown papers, gift wrappers, crepe papers or whatever you have at home. All you have to do is to fold the paper into two big right triangle that matches with the height of the wine.

Then level the first piece on top of the other horizontally but just halfway through. Once you’re done, carefully roll the wine into the wrapper and use double-sided tape to secure the wrapper. For a more attractive finish, you may form ridges on the sides.

The Art of Furoshiki

When it comes to gift wrapping, nothing does it better than the Japanese. Fact is, they even created a special form of art out of this alone. They call it Furoshiki, which is known as Japanese fabric wrapping.

Furoshiki was created to fully convey the emotion and feeling into the gift you’re giving. Luckily, they’ve also come up with a fabric wrapping technique that goes perfectly to your wine gifts. You just need to have a decent set of scarves and learn the art of Furoshiki.

Admittedly, wine bottles are not the easiest to wrap. But it is due to its unique shape and form that people are able to come up with some unique wrapping techniques.

As attractive as they may be bare without any embellishments or decorations, taking the effort to have them prepared in such a way would make the recipient of the gift feel important. So the next time you decide to gift someone with wine, be sure you use some of this advice to add a personal touch to your present.

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