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Benefits of Exterior Home Renovation

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Renovating the exterior of your home is an excellent opportunity to increase curb appeal, not to mention have a lot of fun. The exterior renovation process can also provide many benefits that will improve your home’s value, function, and overall quality of life.

Read on to know the benefits of exterior home renovation!

1. Added Curb Appeal

A well-renovated exterior attracts potential buyers and lifts up the entire property value. Even if you’re not looking to sell your home anytime soon, a new coat of paint and some landscaping can be a dramatic way to improve its exterior appeal. So contact expert landscapers and painters in your area to get started!

2. Improved Functionality

A well-renovated exterior will increase your home’s functionality by making it possible for people to enter and exit more easily, as well as provide ease of access for moving furniture in and out of the house. In addition, a new garage door or other entryway items can have a significant impact on the overall functionality of your home.

3. Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

Whether you choose to go with something natural or modern, there are endless possibilities when it comes to an exterior renovation that provides aesthetic appeal. The right contractor will help you take into account your current exterior finishes, where you live, and what’s best for the climate.

4. Reduced Maintenance

A well-renovated exterior will reduce your frequency of needing to perform exterior maintenance. Exterior renovations usually include new roofing, brick, or siding that will stand strong against the elements and provide you with significantly reduced exterior maintenance.

5. Improved Security
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Well-renovated homes provide better security against break-ins and natural disasters. An exterior renovation will help you protect the outside of your home from strong winds, falling branches, hurricanes, and other natural elements that can compromise its integrity.

6. Increased Energy Efficiency

New windows, insulation, weatherproofing, and other renovations will drastically improve energy efficiency by making it easier for your heating and cooling systems to do their job year-round. All these improvements make a significant difference in the functionality of your home as well as reduce energy costs over time!

Tips for Exterior Home Renovation

When you’re ready to begin an exterior home renovation, be sure to keep these tips in mind:

Always Choose a Contractor You Can Trust

If you’re not sure how to find the right contractor, ask people you know for recommendations or check out reviews online.

Plan Ahead for a Safe Work Area

Ensure that there’s always someone around to help you when you need it and work closely with your contractor. Follow local rules and regulations regarding road closures, parking, or other safety precautions specific to your area.

Be Ready for Waste Management

Your contractor will likely produce waste management concerns like sawdust, nails, and paint debris; be sure to dispose of these properly and follow any safety guidelines your city may have in place.

Don’t Overdo It!

Don’t give in to the temptation to do it ALL when it comes to your exterior renovation. Remember that you’re already up against budget restrictions, and be mindful of what you can afford — especially if you’re planning on staying in the house for a while.

Budgeting for Your Exterior Home Renovation

When you’re ready to start your exterior renovation, be sure to set aside funds for both materials and labor. While the price will vary depending on the size of your home, the size of your project and additional features you choose to add in (such as a new garage door or deck), most exterior home renovations fall between $6,000 — $20,000.

Plan Your According to Weather Conditions

This is especially important if you plan on exterior painting. Be sure to choose a time in which the weather conditions are favorable for the best possible finished product, ensuring that your new exterior will have no trouble standing strong!

Check for Any Additional Costs Your City May Require

Depending on where you live, there may be additional permits or fees required by your city — so always double-check with your contractor beforehand to make sure you can stay within budget.

Exterior renovations include things like improvements such as replacing rotted wood or putting up new siding. Other jobs may entail changing the existing window treatments for more energy-efficient options, installing outdoor kitchens and patios, repairing decks and walkways, adding skylights and gutters; the list goes on!

Homeowners who are renovating the exterior of their homes can enjoy many benefits, including enhanced aesthetic appeal, reduced maintenance, improved security, increased energy efficiency, and more. When planning an exterior home renovation, be sure to keep these tips in mind and work closely with your contractor to ensure a safe and successful project.

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