A Look into Pest Infestations and Possible Control Methods

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Pest infestation has become a serious issue in many homes. Often, it may be considered to be a hygiene issue as it majorly relies on how well a home is maintained. Some pests also tend to multiply during certain seasons. There is a need for every homeowner to adopt possible control methods in a bid to make their homes pest-free.

Control options:

The best pest control measure is to first eliminate the present pests in your home. Consider hiring an exterminator like Bain Pest Control in Ashby, MA, to come to your home and conduct a full pest treatment routine. The company that you hire will probably have a lasting solution for all types of pests present in your home. They may set up traps for pests such as rats and mice which often require some time to be eliminated. There may also be a need to treat all your beddings and pieces of furniture around your home to expel any bedbugs. That is especially important after recently purchasing old furniture. It may be impossible to physically determine the presence of bedbugs in such items. The safest way is, therefore, to conduct a routine treatment.

Pest-related diseases:


Pests are important media for many diseases some of which may often be fatal. An example is mosquitos which are carriers of malaria. Though its prevalence has been limited over the years, it remains to be a critical disease, especially for pregnant women. Another common rodent-related disease is Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS). It arises from exposure to rodent’s urine. Just by inhaling dust that contains rodent urine you may be at risk of contracting the disease.

Proper handling of trash and litter:

Poorly handled trash and litter bins contribute significantly towards the presence of pests in your home. Always ensure that your litterbin has a proper cover. Otherwise, you may be inviting flies and rodents into your compound. Disposing food substances especially is a critical issue. Avoid the habit of throwing it into your backyard. Instead, consider covering it in a plastic bag before throwing it into the waste bin. Also, ensure that your waste bin is emptied regularly. Keeping the same waste for up to a month allows it to start rotting which is likely to attract pests.

Maintaining the compound:

Maintaining a clean compound and backyard is another effective way of keeping the pests away. Long grass, for example, provides a suitable hiding ground for pests. As such, you may want to trim the grass to maintain it short regularly. Another effective way may be through the drainage of any stagnant water. Usually, during heavy rains, rainwater tends to collect in the form of pools. Such water provides a good laying ground for mosquitos. There is, therefore, a need to drain off the water as soon as you possibly can. Where not possible, consider adding a few drops of oil to the water.


Pest control is an essential aspect of maintaining your home. It rids your home of possible pests that tend to make it appear untidy while also protecting you and your family members against possible rodent-related infections.

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